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Welcome to our boiler manufactory

We are an integrated supplier of clean boilers in China, mainly engaged in gas boilers, fuel oil boilers, electric boilers, coal-fired boilers, biomass boilers, etc. If you are interested, please contact us.

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Who we are

Committed to creating high-quality boiler products for you, saving you unnecessary expenses.

  • Our Mission

    Dedicated to provide protection and support for users who need clean and efficient boilers.

  • Our Vision

    Adhering to the enterprise positioning of "professional and responsible integrated supplier of clean and efficient boiler system"; Adhere to the "warm world" corporate mission;

  • Our Valuse

    We have our own scientific research team and constantly develop new energy-saving technologies to create high-quality, energy-saving boiler products.

Hot Selling Products

Mainly engaged in hot water boiler and steam boiler projects to provide convenience to customers who have a large amount of hot water or steam needs.

Industrial Steam Boiler

Industrial Steam Boiler

The boiler adopts excellent design concepts, and the flue gas waste heat is used in cascades. The boiler efficiency is greatly improved, up to more than 104%.

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Commercial Hot Water Boiler

Commercial Hot Water Boiler

The new condensing atmospheric hot water boiler can reduce the flue gas temperature to 90 ℃, and the thermal efficiency is as high as 95-96%.

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There are more than 20 years of ploughing. Behind more than 100 patented technologies, it is the unremitting pursuit and contribution of our boiler manufactory.


Our Projects Cases

Customers cover all industries in the world; more than 60,000 customers have received accolades from over 20 years.

0.5 ton electric heating steam boiler in china mining group

0.5 Ton Electric Boiler Project

The advantage of the boiler is that it has no combustion chamber, no chimney, and no need to consider heat loss. At the same time, the thermal efficiency of the boiler can reach more than 98%, meeting the most stringent emission and fire protection standards.

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commercial condensing volume gas water heater in rujia hotel

Hot Water Boiler Project

This hot water boiler makes full use of waste heat of flue gas through energy saver and condenser, which can not only reduce flue gas temperature, but also reduce harmful substances in flue gas.If you are interested, please contact us.

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5.6mw condensing hot water boiler in city first hospital

Gas Condensing Boiler Project

Fully premixed and completely condensed technology is used, which improves the operating efficiency of ordinary boilers by more than 10% and the thermal efficiency is up to 106%. To make the use of clean energy more clean and environmentally friendly.

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With more than 20 years’ experience in R&D and manufacturing of green energy-saving boiler equipment, our boiler manufactory strives to design and produce the right boilers that suit customers' needs.

At present, the company has passed ISO quality management certification and ASME boiler pressure vessel certification. The headquarters of the group is located in the beautiful city---Anyang, Henan, China. It has a national R&D center, a boiler laboratory simulated full working conditions and two manufacturing plants. The scale of production can be seen. We use products as a link to establish good cooperative relations with local enterprises in more than 80 countries including Russia, North Korea, Mongolia, Thailand and Bangladesh.